Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does First Class Super offer?

The principal of First Class Super, Paul Murray, has been in the insurance and superannuation industry since 1980 and specialising in Self Managed Super Funds since 1985. First Class Super began operations in 2012 however its origins can be traced back to 1994 and Super Design. You can’t get more experience than that.

How do you keep things up to date?

Using the latest software, cloud computing and direct data feeds from banks and stock brokers as well as investment platforms, the team at First Class Super constantly monitor all the cash and business transactions on a daily basis.

What does it cost?

The cost all depends on what the client wants. Some clients simply want the end of year accounts and are not interested in regular updating of portfolios. Some prefer the online access and more up-to-date information. Economies of scale also comes into the equation. As each client is unique, we offer a service that is unique to each group. You only pay for what you need.


How do I see the SMSF online?

For those seeking an online option, we provide a log-in to each manager, partner or adviser who wishes to have one for their group of clients. There is also an option to provide an individual log-in to the trustees of each fund so that they also have access to their own SMSF.

What can I see online?

Once you have a log-in you can see a snapshot of the Investment Portfolio, Detailed list of investments, pension reviews with recent drawings. In addition all contributions processed will be shown to help cash flow planning. There is also a Cash Console that helps with communication in keeping the portfolio up to date.

Do I need a computer to see the portfolio?

Online access allows you to view the SMSF on any computer, smart phone or tablet. Even better, it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world that has an internet connection or wifi.