Your very own back office

First Class Super offers a full suite of services, from establishment and on-going administration, right through to setting up retirement pensions and beyond.

We work in partnership with accountants and financial planners in providing annual compliance requirements for self managed super funds. We offer an End of Year Service or the complete package with on-line service and daily updates.


End of Year Service – Business Class


  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Operating Statement
  • Member Statements
  • Investment Portfolio Reports
  • SMSF Annual Return
  • Tax Agent Lodgement (if requested)
  • Audit (if requested)

Want more than just Business Class? Upgrade to our First Class offering . . . .

First Class – Online Service


All of the End of Year Services plus:

On-line Access
Daily Updates

With the First Class Service you and/or your clients can view the fund on a computer, tablet or smartphone anytime, anywhere. With active data feeds, you will also have the ability to view all of the current year’s banking transactions, contributions, and pension payments. Upon request, we provide period updates for starting pensions, cash withdrawals, rollovers and more, working dynamically to ensure that you are provided with relevant, up to date information.